#OOTD Submission: Is she provoking you?

Another brave woman, Olive Balitos, chose to speak up and share her story on sexual harassment:

“I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, long sleeves (but not too fitted) and a black scarf when I was harassed. The incident happened when I was in Zambales, last July 14, to attend to some business matter.

“My message to those people who do this kind of act: Hey, I didn’t provoke you and neither have I given you any motive to do so. Man up! Oh, I guess you don’t know what it means to be a man, or a gentleman. Or maybe the definition of being man is quite different for you. Dapat nga kayo ang nagtatanggol at tumutulong sa mga kababaihan if we’re in trouble. (It is you who should be helping us when we are in trouble) For sure naman meron kang Nanay, at babae iyon. At may asawa ka, babae din sya. Ano kaya ang pakiramdam kung gawin din sakanila ito (harassment). (I’m quite sure you have a mother and a wife who are women. What would you feel if they were harassed too?P) A real man doesn’t take advantage just for his own gratification. You should be thankful, pinalaki ako ng mga magulang ko nang mabuti para hindi na patulan ang mga kagaya mo. (You should be thankful because I was brought up by my parents not to stoop down to your level) You don’t know the trauma it caused me.”

Did she merit any harassment? No. Does anyone merit any harassment? No. Never. No matter what they’re wearing, no matter how they act.