Resource Library

I’m sharing my personal library of readings that I used during my masters and in my current PhD research. I write this on the same day Imee Marcos said Development Communications is “cute” and “archaic.” It is not. It is a valid field of research and many universities around the world offer courses on this. I did my masters on Media and International Development and I’m now doing my PhD on Social Media and Political Communication.

I think Imee has not had a chance to read the latest research publications on the Internet/social media and its impacts on development and democracy. There are so many! A quick search on Google scholar would yield a lot of results.

I figured I can share some of these research to the public so anyone interested can read up on some interesting studies and theories. I realised not many in the Philippines have access to these resources.

Anyway, here are the links to my google folders with readings on the following topics:

Media and International Development

Media and Society

The Internet/New Media and Society

Philippine economy and agriculture

These are living folders, meaning I will update and upload some more when I can. Hope this reaches Imee and she can read more about the developments in this field of research.