Your guide to #BoycottNutriAsia products

Because NutriAsia has been facing serious labour issues and have lately resorted to violence, we need to exert effort and put pressure on the company to make sure they comply with labour laws. We need to hold them accountable and to ensure that workers are treated humanely and fairly.

The Department of Labor and Employment have already asked NutriAsia to regularise their workers. However, the company, led by Joselito Campos, refuses to do so. NutriAsia, which has a net worth of $650 million, is known for its brand condiments like Silver Swan, Datu Puti, and Mang Tomas. This multi million company refuses to regularise its 80 workers, all of whom are essential in making their well-loved products.

We should now boycott all NutriAsia products. We cannot allow blood to be part of what we eat everyday. Here, I give you alternatives. I am aware that we need to look into other companies and their labour practices. The alternatives I give here are from brands which I have not heard of any labour problems (so far). Some people have commented and asked why we should endorse other products. To be clear, the post (originally posted on Facebook and which, as of writing, as 11,000 shares) aims to give alternatives to people who are now willing to stop patronising NutriAsia products. We can all agree that capitalism is evil ā€” but we buy condiments anyway. We will need that soy sauce, vinegar, sarsa, etc. when we cook our Adobo so why not use other products?

This is a good start in engaging people and making them see that we can do something and that together, we are powerful enough to shake a company.