Climate Trackers to Watch in COP21

I was officially named as one of the Climate Tracker fellows for Adopt A Negotiator, along with 5 other young people doing amazing climate campaigning from around the world. We will all be at the COP21 in Paris, tracking and writing about the negotiations. Read the article from Adopt A Negotiator below.


As world leaders prepare for the biggest environmental negotiations of the century, these 11 young campaigners will be watching their every move.

They come from every corner of the world. From Bangladesh to Sudan. Madagascar and the Philippines. But they bring with them one thing in common. A unique combination of skills and tenacity that has seen them put Climate change on the front page of their nation’s attention – very soon, they’ll take that energy to the international stage.

In December, the world’s attention will be set on Paris. As global leaders descend the Eiffel tower of climate action, it will be up to those passionate, creative voices to raise the bar.

In this 2 part article, we’ll introduce you to our newest team of Climate Trackers. Here are the first 6.

Consider these your new bar-raisers.

PSX_20151007_133243-2Dizzanne Billy – Trinidad and Tobago

Hailing from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Dizzanne is the local President of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network and will be our first Climate Tracker from the region

“When I got the news, I was bouncing off walls with excitement. The Caribbean voice is unheard in this process.

I hope to also inspire young people to strive to represent the Caribbean and break the mold of blindly following the standard set by persons who do not understand the reality of the developing world, particularly in relation to the pervasive nature of climate change.”

Renee Karunungan-3
Renee Karunungan – The Philippines

This girl can write about anything. She once wrote an article about Brown rice that was shared over 13,000 times.

In her everyday role she campaigns on human rights and climate justice across the Philippines.

Don’t expect any white flags. Look out for her critical voice on issues across  across the ASEAN region and expect some fire cracking reveals from this young Filipina.

Andreas Sieber – Germany

When you think of tenacity, think of Andreas. Known for his midnight runs during the Bonn negotiating sessions this year, he’s been running through the headlines of the German climate landscape.

A campaigner at heart, Andreas has helped organize some of the biggest environmental youth campaigns in Germany, and is looking forward to push things forward in Paris. believes that;

“As the homeland of the “Energiewende,” Germany has the potential to be one of the frontrunners in climate politics.”

Charlotte Flechet – Belgium
When Charlotte first joined us, she had barely considered “publishing articles” before. In fact, she was unsure if she could. But over the last few months, Charlotte has proven her unique ability to write hard news and opinion pieces in both French and English.

Add this to her passion, and she might just have what it takes to not only “point out inconsistencies in the EU’s policy” but to turn them into the powerful catalyst for climate action we all believe they can be.

Fariya Abubakari – Ghana

When we began the Climate Tracker program this year, we called on young people around the world to publish 3-5 articles that challenge the environmental debate in their countries. Fariya wrote 26.

But it wasn’t just the quantity, it was the passion inside each piece that was mot surprising. As someone who works directly with climate refugees in Ghana, you can imagine if her focus would have been Africa’s vulnerability.

Instead, she has called for African countries to step up to the Climate challenge on behalf of those most vulnerable – the poor,women and future generations:

“It’s time for the African region to speak with one, powerful voice that will deliver change for communities on the front-lines. “

Domoina_Ratovozanany_profile picture-3

Domoina Ratovozanany – Madagascar

8 years ago, Domoina was used to write occasionally. But the passion wasn’t there. That was until Domoina joined theClimate Tracker program, and began to put words to paper again.

5 months later, and Domoina has filled on the front pages of Madagascar’s biggest media  and her Environment minister is already on watch

We’ve never had a tracker from Madagascar before, but look out for this young entrepreneur to proudly “carry the aspirations of young people across the least developed countries”.

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