Why I Will not Vote for Duterte

Ok, no, I can’t take this anymore. If you need to kill to feel safe, that’s not a healthy society. If you need a dictator to tell you what to do to make this country better, that’s not a healthy society. You want Duterte as a president because you want that one person who you think can discipline this whole nation into fear and submission? You want one person to have all that power instead of everyone of us doing our job to create a better nation? Don’t you think that’s lazy? Why put this job in one man’s hand when it should be all of us building this nation?

There’s no real peace and no real security when we are only governed by fear. Don’t even get me started with Duterte’s machismo. It’s no longer funny. It is disconcerting. How far would you go to defend and protect your candidate, even if he does wrong?

And really, why would I trust someone who claims he can solve crimes in 6 months? What kind of job will he do? Kill everyone like he says? What kind of band-aid solution does he propose?

Developing a nation is not easy. It takes years of hard work. It should not be done haphazardly.

If we are to build this nation, let us not build it based on fear. We need a nation founded on respect and dignity.

And with that, I will unfollow and unfriend anyone who keeps defending Duterte and his statements. This is beyond me. I cannot have Facebook friends with such values and morality. My heart aches for this country and for its people.