[Academic]: Potential of mHealth for adolescents in India, South Africa, and the Philippines

The past four months, our group for our Media in Practice module worked with Content Consultants to research on the feasibility of using mHealth for sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health in India, South Africa, and the Philippines. India and South Africa were chosen by our client and we were asked to research on one more country. Coming from the Philippines and knowing the need for SRH education in the country, we did the same research for the Philippines. We conducted secondary data research, interviews, and a survey for each country.

Here is a video on the background of each country (this video was made by my group mate, Hikaru Matsumoto):

Here is an executive summary of the findings:

executive summary 1executive summary 2

This report was made by Alice Clarke, Phionah Katushabe, Hikaru Matsumoto, and Renee Karunungan. Download the Executive Summary in PDF format.