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Conferences I have attended and given lectures.

Festival Lampa 2018

I was invited to be part of Festival Lampa 2018 in Cesis, Latvia. The climate change stage was organised by Riga Technical University and Climate KIC-Latvia. I did my talk alongside Latvian journalists Sandra Kropa and Julius Sleiers and Canadian-Dutch journalist Bernice Notenboom. Most of my lecture was about evidence-based communication, and how facts don’t change people’s minds. Effective climate communication is touching o what is important for people, in different contexts, in different cultures.  It is also important that journalists are responsible in their reporting, which means taking the time to learn the science and its complexities. Here are some of my slides: The fun part was where we had our talk. It was in this amazing treehouse built especially for the event! The park also has a castle and the whole event was open to the public for free. On the other hand, the facilitation of the panel discussion could have been better. The facilitator kept coming back to questioning of climate change was man made, if we have the evidence for it. …

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

In February and March 2018, I was invited to talk about how to communicate climate change stories at the University of Cambridge. The first event was a solo lecture and the second event was a panel as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. In the panel with me were Lisa Walker, Sir David King, and Oliver Morton. Some photos of the event:  

#SheForShe: French Embassy to the Philippines event for women

The French embassy launched a campaign 2017 called #SheForShe, an initiative as part of “PhilFrance : Feel French !”, a year-long festival to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties between France and the Philippines. I hosted the event, graced by some of the most amazing women leaders and feminists in the country including Sister Mar John Mananzan, OSB; Senator Risa Hontiveros; Dr. Junce Melgar of Likhaan Centre for Women’s Health; and Vice-President Leni Robredo. Some photos from the event: